My Top Ten Galentine’s Day Movies

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This upcoming holiday is supposed to be for lovers, but bless Leslie Knope for creating Galentine’s Day on the 13th. For most gals before there is ever a life partner or first love, there is a gal pal a best friend or a girl gang.  I put together a list of my favorite Gal Pal movies. Hopefully you can spend sometime this week with a lady love in your life. Why not plan a movie night at home with one of the following.


10) Clueless

As if I could make a list for lady friends without including Cher and Dion. It quickly became a modern classic.


9) Baby Mama

The Queen of Galentine’s Day herself Amy Poehler would have to be on this list, and of course her best gal pal Tina Fey.


8) How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Angela Basset is a Queen! Can they make another of these with her again? Have you seen her in American Horror Story?! More Angela Basset please!


7) A League of Their Own

Rosie O’Donnell, Gina Davis, and Madonna sprinkled with some Tom Hanks. A group of ladies playing sports feels girl gangy but maybe next year it won’t make the list…


6) The Craft

I loved this movie too much. In high school I did a presentation where I talked about Wicca and then I showed most of this movie. I didn’t really know anything about Wicca, but I think I converted some people.


5) Thelma and Louise

Gina is back this time with another queen freakin’ Susan Sarandon. One of the first buddy films for the ladies.  This movie is definitely another modern classic, remember Brad Pitt in this?


4) First Wives Club

Spoiler alert: women whose rich husbands divorce them and marry younger versions. How very Donald Trump? Any woman who gets even with a Donald Trump type is ok in my books. I believe Donald’s first wife makes a cameo in the film. I liked this movie, and I love Diane Keaton. See her on the cover of Vogue in her own clothes!


3) Breakfast Club

Just the music from this movie gives me all the feels. So good! John Hughes was a master of the ‘80s teen movie, a style all his own.


2) Mean Girls

Valentine’s Day is not the only time pink is appropriate, as we learn in this film ‘Wednesdays we wear pink.’ Fey and Poehler grace the list again, this time in more minor roles. Not just for the ladies (shout out Justin)


1) Bridesmaids

Not everyone will agree with me, but this is my number one for sure so many hilarious women in one film. Melissa McCarthy basically became a household name after this movie (although some remember her from Gilmore Girls and Mike & Molly). She has so many great lines in this movie. Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolf are so awesome.



Honourable: Whip It, Steel Magnolias, and Heathers. (It was so hard to pick just 10)


Let me know in the comments what important Gal Pal movies that you think should be on the list. Maybe a hidden gem that I have not seen!




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