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Game of Thrones Host(ess) Gift Ideas

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Premiere Party (Host/Hostess Gift Ideas)


So you’ve been invited to a Game of Thrones premiere party this Sunday. You may have been asked to dress in costume, or perhaps not. Either way if someone is hosting a premiere party chances are they are a big fan. You want to be able to bring a host/hostess gift that will impress.


The best gift for any occasion is of course Dragon’s Eggs. With such short notice though it may be cutting it a little close to be able to track any down. Even though they are available on Amazon! Maybe try one of these suggestions instead.


Perhaps something edible to share such as:


1) Wines – Arbor Gold or Sour Dornish Reds or Strong wine from Dorne are mentioned in the book/show. Something in your local liquor store that may be comparable are; Arbor Gold – Sauternes or Late Harvest Riesling (something on the sweet side,) Sour Dornish Reds – Nebbiolo, and Strong wine from Dorne – Port. Prices vary often based on brand, so look around and grab something in your budget. Or even ask one of the wine specialists for something comparable.

2) Bread – artisanal loaf – rye or sour dough – (perfect for sharing). Ask them if they can serve you bread with salt. (that is the traditional sign of granting hospitality in the world George R.R. Martin created, hopefully your friend is not like Walder Frey… too soon?) You can even make your own bread here is a link to my  step Dad's recipe for Irish Soda Bread:

3) A piece of delicious cheese – maybe a soft brie or oka. Here is an infographic from Wired that breaks down so much about cheese. Study up and look like a pro!



4) A bundle of sweet seedless grapes (it just always looks nice with a wine and cheese set up)


Now if you want to give the host something they can keep, maybe one of these:


5) The Game of Thrones cookbook: A Feast of Ice and Fire 


6) Game of Thrones shot glasses

7) Game of Thrones coasters


8) Sigil wine charms

9) A plush Direwolf


10) A vinyl pop figure of one of their favorite characters


11) Dothraki Language book


***There is no time to order from Think Geek, Amazon or HBO. Many bookstores, comic/collectible stores, and even HMV carry one or more of these items.


You could always pick up George’s new book The Winds of Winter. You would have better luck sitting on the Iron Throne yourself though. Who knows when that mythical book will be available for purchase? Now the book readers trek forward into the unknown like all show watchers have always done.



*A free gift idea if your friend is a book reader: write up a fake letter from George R.R. Martin to your Host. Tell them it will be ok, and that you are sorry the book was not out in time for them to properly prepare before the season began. It will cost you nothing but a piece of paper, and a little imagination. No time to write one? I have you covered, use this one:


Dear   (name),


I wanted to send my regrets on this very important day. I know you have been a faithful reader of my series A Song of Ice and Fire. I know you have reveled in having some idea as to where the show is going. It has been your joy to have one up on show watchers. How do you think I feel, I have one up on everybody except of course David and D.B. They know my secrets should I meet my demise before I am able to publish the saga completely.Now you go into a season as blindly as the show watchers, and you are afraid. I know you are upset about how last season ended. all I can say is; there, there… This is war, and war has many casualties. You thought you'd never forgive me for Ned, but you did. You then thought you would never forgive me for the Red Wedding, but again you did. I do not know why you are in a hurry to know the end, do you expect it to end well? Always remember the Stark's words Winter is Coming and the Wind's of Winter is eventually coming. Just enjoy the ride, and please buy the book when it does come out, I need to renovate my bathroom again. Wish I could be there to enjoy the premiere with you and (name). All the best.

Valar Morghulis,


(this is not a real letter from GRRM…it is imaginary)





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